In the Community

At Survitec Group we work together to help save lives.

At Survitec, we are committed to pro-actively engaging with the local communities in which we co-exist for the mutual benefit of all partners and by doing so we recognise the positive impact on our employees’ development and wellbeing. Participation in a variety of projects within the realms of Charity, Education, Environmental and Social responsibility have been the focus of our community involvement thus far.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do in our communities and believe that in continuing to foster our establishing links with local schools and universities this will help Survitec become an important aspect of local society and encourage a new generation of Survitec employees.

We also believe in supporting our employees in their individual endeavours for whatever charity work they are personally engaged in and supporting local charities in their fund raising activities. This we feel encourages both personal development and teamwork for all concerned and complements perfectly the company’s values and ethos. Being involved in such projects as detailed above will help us get a feel for what is really happening locally and will enhance and supplement our existing corporate social responsibility.