Manufactured for IWC by Survitec, the rapidly deployable and fully scalable Inflatable Wall system is used to create an immersive and realistic CQB training environment anywhere. The Walls are resistant to all types of training ammunition and are customisable with a selection of shapes to replicate several different structure or operating scenarios


Rapidly deployable in any location

Easy to transport and can be deployed in any environment or terrain. Entire Shoothouse can be packed down to 7.78m3 at 1,998 kg

Cost effective, reusable and expandable

Maximizes use and value of training investment. Can be reused multiple times with modular bolt ons to your configuration

Scaleable for user defined configurations

Allows for custom tailored and most realistic training scenarios. Interior and exterior skin can have any environment digitally printed

Revolutionary solution for training

The must have training facility for SWAT teams that accurately reflects today's dynamic environment

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