The Crewsaver dedicated research and design team provide you with the latest lifejacket technology in the industry. Building on the success of the Seacrewsader 275N the Crewsaver Seacrewsader 290N 3D lifejacket offers a unique design allowing the user to remove the outer cover of the lifejacket. This provides the ability to replace covers easily when they are no longer fit for use or the user needs to change application for alterative use such as the Fire Retardant and heavy duty wipe clean option.

Seacrewsader 290N 3D encompasses ergonomically 3D design giving the user freedom of movement and unique weight distribution providing the ultimate comfort.  This 290N twin chamber jacket also comes complete with plastic pockets allowing you to remove and replace service labels and donning instructions easily when covers are changed, all labels are also fully waterproof aiding long life.


  • Easy to replace cover system
  • Waterproof service labels
  • Can be used with a PLB & AIS
  • Fusion 3D Cover
  • High strength plastic quick release buckle
  • YKK QBZ Tri-burst zip
  • Foam padded cover for added protection
  • Spare covers can be purchased separately including Fire Retardant and wipe clean options

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