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Bluewater, the name often given to commercial shipping is at the forefront of world trade with international shipping companies responsible for transporting about 90% of all world trade – anything from commodities to cars. Working across the commercial shipping fleet serving a wide spectrum of vessels including; tankers, container ships and bulk carriers, Survitec work with customers to help ensure the safety of crew and that vessels are equipped and compliant. Supporting owners, operators and ship managers, Survitec help to source and supply the right solutions in line with customer requirements. This extensive offer covers lifejackets, immersion suits, liferafts and davits, lifeboats and launching systems, pyrotechnics, first aid equipment as well as firefighting and fire detection equipment and systems. 



The ship yard market consisting of new builds, upgrades and repairs is driven by the increase in seaborne trade and the growing number of passengers. Globalisation, an increasing global population and consumer demand have increased the need for building and upgrading a wide range of vessels including passenger ships, cargo ships, containers, and bulkers, which is driving the growth of the global shipbuilding market. Additionally many operators are seeking to adopt fuel-efficient and multi-fuel engines as well as improving on-board equipment and safety systems. Survitec has earnt a reputation as a trusted safety partner, consistently delivering world-class safety solutions whilst ensuring exceptional levels of safety, reliability, and compliance. Survitec’s extensive product and service offering spans everything from lifesaving appliances to marine evacuation systems and PPE to firefighting systems. Whether your requirements are for one-off product sales or complete installation and commissioning, Survitec’s dedicated teams are always ready to listen to your challenges and are on hand to offer expertise, high quality and competitive solutions.



The cruise industry has experienced significant growth over the last decade driven by an increasing demand of passengers wanting to travel in comfort to explore islands, cities and far reaching destinations. Globally, cruise fleets are made up of approximately 300 vessels.  Critical to the industry is ensuring the safety of passengers and crew on board at all times. 

Survitec’s dedicated cruise teams are committed to providing 24-hour service delivering impeccable quality, immediate access to our cruise customers safety needs, when they need it. Survitec are trusted partners to many leading cruise operators, providing everything from lifesaving equipment and training to dry docking solutions.  Providing the industry assurity that even the most complex safety needs are covered.



Passenger ferries are an important part of the public transport system in many countries. There are a number of factors driving growth including increasing population, rising tourism fuelled by low cost airlines and government support to modernise fleets. More sustainable, high-tech and cleaner passenger ferries such as the adoption of efficient alternative fuel sources such as LNG fuel over conventional fuels, which contain a high amount of sulphur is expected to drive the next wave in innovation in the passenger ferries market. Survitec have been supporting ferry operators globally for many years building a solid reputation by ensuring that operators have everything required to keep their passengers and crew safe whilst remaining fully compliant. Survitec are able to offer a full spectrum of products and services to suit a wide range of vessels from small passenger foot ferries to high speed passenger right up to large passenger ferries. Survitec prides itself on building strong relationships, understanding the unique customer requirements and delivering exceptional levels of safety and reliability.



By harnessing our expert knowledge of industry critical safety solutions, Survitec continues to develop and evolve market-leading solutions that address the specific issues faced by the Energy industry today.

By Providing cutting edge helicopter flight equipment to crew and passengers alongside innovative Lifeboat and Liferafts solutions to platforms, we ensure the rapid and safe evacuation of offshore personnel with our mass evacuation systems and abandonment PPE packages. The industry can be assured of high quality products and a full support services to rely on. Click here to review the Survitec Energy range.



As the world looks to renewable energy to power the future, wind farms are getting larger and the turbines themselves increasing in height. Survitec understands that safety is critical right from the onshore construction of a wind farm, through to protecting workers as they carry out essential operations. This is why it offers an extensive range of safety and survival solutions ranging from industrial tooling and hydraulics, to emergency evacuation systems for those working at height and survival equipment for those travelling on or over water. Click here to review the Survitec wind energy range.



Every day there are over 2.9 million commercial airline passengers. Safety is paramount to us and we believe that our customers should not only be equipped with the lifesaving appliances needed to meet your regulation requirements, but should perform to the highest possible safety standards should it need to be used in an emergency. Five key areas are our experience, our safety, our global service network, our expert design and our materials and fabrics. Our contribution to the development of aviation products spans our long history, through the advancements of lifejackets, liferafts, baby cots and associated equipment.  Our commitment to protecting people working and travelling via aircraft continues today. We have over 1 million assets in use globally and offer a diverse range for passengers and crew flying on virtually any commercial aircraft.



Everyday millions of recreational boaters and watersports enthusiasts head out to sea to experience the delights this blue planet has to offer. From day sailors to ocean rowers, Survitec - including its pioneering leisure brand Crewsaver – designs, manufactures and supplies market leading equipment to help ensure their safety is taken care of. Survitec’s expert designers work closely with the most experienced lifeboat crews, as well as elite round-the-world racers used to pushing their limits within extreme wind and wave conditions. With their unique insight, Survitec is able to refine every aspect of its design and construction process. These innovations feed directly into each of its safety products ranges – whether it’s a lifejacket, liferaft or performance clothing - to ensure that whatever the reason for being afloat, safety is never compromised. Click here to review the Survitec leisure range.









Modern military aircraft are some of the most advanced technologies used today. Their development ushered in a new set of parameters in both speed and manoeuvrability. This technology continues to evolve with latest generation aircraft capable of achieving and sustaining high performance during flight.  Survitec offers a protective solution to all personnel, both passenger and pilot, on military aircraft such as Fast Jet and Rotary and Fixed wing. This includes operational front-line attack aircraft, training, and next generation developmental programs. Survitec manufacture the full below the neck anti-g ensembles, lifejackets, liferafts and immersion protective garments, all designed and qualified for optimal use within the air domain. Click here for Survitec Fast Jet range and here for the Rotary/Fixed range.


Law enforcement and military personnel face the most uncertain circumstances on a daily basis. They are required to frequently enter unfamiliar built environments to assess or diffuse a threat. When they enter, their lives are often at stake. This is further compounded by the unpredictable and ever evolving threat that is presented today. It is their job to prepare. To understand every possible aspect ahead of time, every entrance, exit, doorway, window, corridor and corner and navigational layout of a structure.  To help improve the efficiency of this process Survitec offer the Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS) that allows operators within this field to create immersive training environments to enhance survivability by increasing familiarisation of a structure. Click here for the Inflatable Walls Training System.


The production of platforms and structures in the Aerospace, Defence, Utilities and Nuclear markets is an incredibly complex process. Vessels, aircrafts, vehicles and land structures have become larger and smarter, creating a multi-faceted challenge for the OEMs tasked with building and maintaining them. Included within this is the ongoing safety of personnel and the management of gross quantities of industrial assets and equipment, including their maintenance and certification. Survitec help ease this burden through the Survitec Asset Management & Safety (AMS) division by taking complete ownership and duty of care of customer’s assets. This includes the safety and training of people, in addition to the correct selection and full traceability of equipment.  Click here for the Asset Management & System offering. 


Every day frontline medical staff and emergency response personnel work in increasingly challenging environments, exposing them to potentially harmful substances. They rely on their protective equipment to not only help keep them safe, but enable them to do their job, typically for extended periods of time. Each environment brings a series of unique challenges, specific to the tasks carried out. This includes nurses and doctors working at risk of infection in hospital or ambulance personnel entering a potential contamination scenario. Recent events have broadened this requirement, with much stricter duty of care responsibilities now expected across all workplace environments. Survitec offer a portfolio of protective equipment to help shield personnel from possible hazards within the workplace. This includes Sterilised Isolation Gowns, Hand Sanitising Systems and Bespoke Healthcare Kit Bags.  Click here for Survitec Healthcare Protection range.



Military naval personnel conduct their operations in several diverse amphibious environments, from riverine and littoral waters to ocean-borne and sub-sea. Working within naval environments can be dangerous in basic weather conditions but raises new challenges should the unexpected occur. Survitec offers a wide range of safety and survival equipment for all naval environments including integrated submarine escape and immersion equipment, multi-seat liferafts, inflatable military boats, protective lifejackets, floatable load carriage systems, immersion, abandonment and dry suits. Whether sub-sea or above surface, Survitec’s use of advanced materials and technologies combined with meticulous packaging helps increase protection and survivability while minimising bulk. Click here to view the Survitec Naval product range.



Life threatening scenarios at sea are some of the most challenging situations civil rescue teams face. When the unexpected occurs, tensions are high, and decisions are made quickly – personnel need to be able to rely on their safety and survival equipment without doubt. Survitec helps increase confidence through a wide range of full qualified equipment suitable for air and sea operations, including transit immersion suits, abandonment suits, coveralls, lifejackets for both aircrew and passenger as well as multi seat liferafts suitable for civil aircraft operation and escape. Whether personnel are active onboard vessels or flying on a rotary or fixed wing aircraft, Survitec helps to optimise survivability and recovery in any emergency scenario. Click here to view the Emergency Response product range.

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