Survitec is a market leader in the design and manufacture of marine, defence, aerospace and offshore survival technology. Survitec, and all it's business areas recognise the need for an environmentally sustainable business and to operate in a way that will minimise adverse effects on people and the environment. We shall proactively work in partnership with employees, clients, suppliers and appropriate public bodies to ensure that our services and business processes meet this environmental challenge.

Survitec recognises that its work activities have an effect on the environment and is committed to the continual improvement of environmental performance through the implementation of the following environmental objectives.


Throughout Survitec and it's multiple sites, the Management team and any other individuals responsible will endeavour to communicate our Environmental Policy to all employees and to anybody else working on any Survitec site, on our behalf, and to involve each individual in its implementation and to integrate its requirements into all aspects of their jobs.

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As a business, we have introduced a measurement and auditing of compliance against environmental regulations and best practices in all areas of activity. Furthermore, this policy also sets out the requirement to comply with legislation and other requirements which relate to the Company's Environmental Aspects.

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All Survitec businesses and sites actively support the principle of pollution prevention in order to reduce the adverse environmental impacts within reasonable and practical limits. Survitec will also respond immediately and appropriately to any incidents that may affect the environment in a prompt and efficient manner.


Survitec will endeavour to reduce waste at source and to encourage reprocessing and recycling wherever possible and practical. Furthermore, we will ensure that any waste that does arise is treated and disposed of with minimum adverse effect to the environment.


Survitec ensures that all new equipment - whether factory, office or station station based - vehicles and buildings/property purchased by the Company, or any of its subsidiaries, are selected and operated to minimise the adverse environmental impact, including energy efficiency. Furthermore, Survitec ensures that we work in an environment that constantly meets regulations and so forth.


As a business, we are always considering and reviewing ways in which we can identify, protect and enhance the biodiversity in all of our areas, globally, engaging with external parties and regulators to increase understanding across our all our sites.