Frequently asked Questions about Survitec CBRN


Q: What products are offered within the Survitec CBRN range?

A: Survitec offers a range of CBRN personal protective equipment including two protective suits, as well as supporting accessories such as over boots, over gloves and socks.


Q: How does the weight of Survitec CBRN suits compare to typical carbon suits?

A: Bio-Skin & Bio-Shell garments are lighter in weight than carbon suits offering a similar degree of CW agent resistance. However, Bio-Skin & Bio-Shell garments also protect the wearer from toxic industrial chemicals (TIC’s) and toxic industrial materials (TIM’s), biological material and particulates.


Q: Are the Survitec CBRN suits breathable?

A: Bio-Skin & Bio-Shell garments use a selectively permeable, breathable, membrane system which provides a high moisture vapour transmission rate which results in significant reduction of thermal burden and fatigue.


Q: Can the Survitec CBRN suits be decontaminated?

A: Several methods of decontamination for safe doffing are available, as the SPM material is waterproof fluid decontamination using, for example BX24 at 10% or 20% has been shown to be effective. Bio-Skin/Bio-Shell garments can also be cleansed using heated air - specific decontamination processes would require evaluation to confirm effectivity and non-detrimental effect on materials.


Q: Are the Survitec CBRN suits reusable?

A: Yes – as per manufacturer’s guidelines


Q: Can the CBRN suits be laundered?

A: Bio-Skin & Bio-Shell garments continue to provide CBRN protection following 15 launderings.

Q: Do the Survitec CBRN suits continue to protect the wearer following exposure to BFC’s?

A: The CBRN protection offered by Bio-Skin & Bio-Shell garments is not degraded by BFC’s.


Q: What is the storage shelf life of the Survitec CBRN suits?

A: The garment can be stored in its original packaging for 10-years


Q: What is the operational shelf life?

A: Once removed from the original packing the garment can continue to be used up to 10 years from the date packed.


Q: Are the Survitec CBRN suits waterproof?

A: The SPM membrane is waterproof; however the design of Bio-Skin and Bio-Shell garments has been optimised to provide low physiological burden rather than foul weather protection

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