Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Submarine Escape & Immersion Equipment


Q: What is included within the Survitec SEIE range?

A: The Survitec range consists of a variety of solutions designed to help submariners escape from a stricken vessel. This includes wearable equipment and escape measures that are integrated with the vessel. Wearable equipment includes full body suits and escape jerkins, and our integrated solutions include submarine specific liferafts and freeboard extension systems that help a submariner escape out of a hatch without flooding the vessel.


Q: What SEIE suits does Survitec have?

A: Survitec has designed, tested, qualified and manufactured the SEIE Mk11, a full body suit with integrated single seat liferaft, and the Solandri, a fully inflatable double-layer waterproof immersion suit.


Q: What is an Escape Jerkin and what models do we offer?

A: Survitec offers the Mk11 Jerkin and the Anura Jerkin. An Escape Jerkin consists of a sleeved waistcoat assembly or lifejacket style buoyancy stole design, an inflatable stole and an integral ascent hood.


Q: When would a Jerkin be used over a full suit?

A: The Jerkin has been designed for instances where storage space is limited onboard a vessel. The Jerkin is particularly suited to submariners operating in temperate climates where thermal exposure is limited.


Q: What is the Inflatable Freeboard Extender (IFE)?

A: IFE is an inflatable structure that encircles an open escape hatch. It is used to assist submariners to rapidly escape from a distressed submarine in high sea states. It provides increased evacuee safety whilst preventing flooding of the submarine through the open escape hatches.


Q: What variations of the IFE are available?

A: There are 2 variants in total, an internal and external solution. The internal IFE option is designed to be temporarily fitted to the inside of the submarine escape tower in the event of surface abandonment in high seas. The external IFE option is designed as a permanent, reusable, escape option fitted between the rescue seat and the escape tower hatch of a submarine. The IFE is deflated and stored in a GRP housing, which is bolted beneath the lip of the rescue seat under the casing


Q: What submarines are suitable for the inflatable free board extender?

A: Both the internal and external systems are retrofitted to existing or new build submarines to ensure it is suitable for any vessel.


Q: What sizes of submarine liferafts are there?

A: Our Submarine Liferaft comes in sizes from 20 person up to 50 person capacities.


Q: Do all products within the SEIE range need to be serviced?

A: The SEIE suits require servicing every 3 years at a Survitec service station with a full service occurring every 7 years. Liferafts need to be serviced annually through an authorised service agent and the inflatable freeboard extenders do not need to be serviced.


Q: How long has Survitec been in the submarine escape market?

A: Survitec are the world’s first submarine escape suit manufacturer. Survitec started designing the concept in the early 50s and began manufacturing in 1952.

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