Survitec Agrees License and Supply Agreement with Inflatable Wall Company


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  • Rapidly configurable and tailored to suit any scenario
  • Train anywhere, anytime in minutes
  • The only inflatable training system available to measurably test skills and increase survivability

Safety solutions provider Survitec has assumed responsibility for the sales, marketing, manufacturing and supply of the Inflatable Wall product portfolio under a license and supply agreement with Battlefield Sim Limited trading as the Inflatable Wall Company (IWC).

Under the agreement, Survitec will provide all services necessary to develop the market for this innovative non-ballistic firearms training capability through its global network of sales and product support teams.

Survitec inflatable technology has been deployed in some of the largest programs in the world including G-suits and life preservers for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft, liferafts for the US Navy and in products including high-performance rigid-hulled inflatable boats, mass evacuation systems and specialist man portable stretchers for medical and CBRN extraction.

The Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS), is a unique training experience for military and law enforcement where users can design, plan, build and train in any terrain, in any location. Using a system that simulates the environment operators will find themselves in, helps to improve performance and enhance survivability by improving familiarisation and boosting confidence.

Tested and approved for use with Simunition – non-lethal training ammunition – operators can measurably test their skills in fully tailored and realistic training scenarios, with the help of FITLIGHT technology that records reaction time to threats, assist users to achieve ultimate training efficiency.

The IWTS is available in six different packages, as well as a bespoke solution which can be tailored to specific customer needs. The rapidly configurable training system is composed of a variety of common building shapes and fixtures to allow the user to recreate any environment or scenario and the fully interchangeable system is reusable, compact and easy to transport.

It is also available in four skin colours to accurately replicate the environments it is deployed in and offers the option of customer-specific designs.  

IWTS is manufactured in ISO compliant facilities and leverages over 160 years of heritage in the design and manufacture of complex inflatable structures.

The game-changing system will be available to view at a variety of exhibitions and conferences around the United States throughout the year where attendees will be able to participate and test their skills against FITLIGHT technology, with Survitec set to debut the innovative system at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa from May 21st.

David Stelling, Global Category Manager at Survitec, said: “Nothing can recreate the unique intensity of battle, but being able to accurately and safely recreate a range of different scenarios in training exercises helps reduce risk, improve performance and enhance survivability. Being able to accurately mimic environments aids familiarity for users and can boost their confidence for when they have to perform the operations for real.

“Survitec has a long and proud history of using inflatable technology in a range of different safety products and so it is a natural fit that the IWTS comes under our umbrella and stands to benefit from our ever-developing expertise in the defence sector.”  

IWTS user testimonials:

“I’m not aware of any other product that could have been used or deployed in the short timeframe that was required”

(Final Exercise, Platoon Commander’s Battle Course, The Infantry Battle School)

“The best new live training product I’ve seen here in years”

(Site Captain Urban Shield, Oakland, California)

“The walls have turned out better than we could have possibly imagined [we] have utilised the Training Compound every week. We have now got various other agencies that have asked to use it like Ambulance Specialist Teams, Police and many others”

(58 Squadron RAF Regiment)

“We are extremely happy with the product as are other military agencies that have been using our facility”

(RAF Leuchars)

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