Survitec statement regarding COVID-19



Issued 12th March 2020, updated 18th March 2020, updated 30th March 2020, updated again 21st April 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic our commitment to keeping our people, customers and suppliers safe at all times has never been more important.

As a global business, and with safety as a key value that underpins everything that we do, we recognise the importance of responding in a coordinated, coherent and comprehensive way to ensure the safety of all our colleagues and customers, and to minimise the impact on our service operations.

Our country managers are working tirelessly to implement rapidly evolving local government advice and instructions. At this time, business continuity planning is in place, across all of our service and manufacturing locations, with the aim of minimising any impacts on our customers’ operations.  At the time of writing, Survitec have 65 operational service locations serving our customers around the globe. 

We are collaborating with our world-class network of third-party suppliers to deliver the products that you need in the locations where we can serve you best.

Extra safety measures have been put in place to help keep our people and customers safe, and our operations running as smoothly as possible:

  • Implementing emergency cross-functional strategic teams to lead on response planning across the Group;
  • Conducting daily site reviews to identify any critical supply issues;
  • Implementing communications across each site on requirements and shipment statuses;
  • Working with shipment companies to ensure transport capacity;
  • Communicating with key suppliers regularly to identify any possible supply issues;
  • Carrying out deep-clean, disinfecting and sterilisation activities across all service stations, including tools, spare parts, vehicles and shipments.
  • Equipping our people with PPE and clear policies when visiting customer assets and sites.

Our QHSE team is issuing continuous advice and updates to our operations teams globally to keep them abreast of the latest news and flag any issues.

We are making every effort to prevent any disruption to your business and our number one priority, as always, is to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. 



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