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Survitec Essentials

Survitec Essentials is built specifically for globally trading merchant fleets. Covering key safety product categories and developed with customers regulatory requirements and trade routes in mind. The range covers 69 safety products, including the spares and accessories you need to stay safe and compliant.  Key product categories include personal life saving appliance, fire extinction and personal protection products.  Survitec Essentials products are made available in 12 key strategic selected ports, at defined lead-times, offering predictable availability globally. If a product is included within our Survitec Essentials range, you can be rest assured, it is the product you need, where you need it.




Survitec’s safety products makes supply easier


  • Full range of Fire and LSA products
  • Global availability
  • One point of contact near your office
  • One currency and one bank



Survitec’s safety products provide consistent, high quality


  • Same consistent, high-quality products available world-wide
  • One regime for use, service -regime and spares
  • Fixed predictable prices



Survitec’s safety products gives value for money


  • Rigorously tested for marine environment
  • World leading brands with high performance reputation
  • Premium and budget options available


The following map provides our customers with a clear overview of the key ports Survitec Essentials' range of products are available from and the guaranteed lead-times at each port.

Survitec Plus Leadtime map


Fire Extinguishers

Survitec offers a wide range of fire protection equipment, accessories and spares, including fire extinguishers.  Within the Survitec range are a range of cartridge operated extinguishers as well as stored pressure options.


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Fire Hoses

Our firefighting equipment offer includes a number of specialist firefighting accessories including high quality fire hoses, jet nozzles and couplings.

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Fire Protection Equipment

Within our Fire Protection range we have selected 1 MED approved Level 2 Fireman Suits complete with helmet, gloves and boots.  

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Breathing Apparatus

Keeping crew and passengers safe at sea is our number one priority, which is why Survitec work extremely closely with leading breathing apparatus supplier Interspiro.  Together we are working to ensure our customers can access the high quality, breathing apparatus they require. 

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Our EEBD Survitec Essentials range includes two key products the Spiroscape EEBD fitted with a 3L 200 bar air cylinder for 15 minutes use, while regulations is 10 minutes. As well as the OCENCO M-20.2 active coal type escape set, this product also comes 15 years maintenance free. Both products are MED and Russian approved. Survitec are the appointed marine distributor for both the Interspiro and Ocenco brands.

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Crewsaver Immersion Suits

The immersion suit include in this range is the Crew Endurance, available in two size options.  This our supplied under our very own Crewsaver brand meaning you can access our worldwide service network for continued support.

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Our Perry buoy offer and supporting accessories is well known for its quality and longevity.  Meeting all SOLAS requirements this product is available in both a 2.5kg and 4kg option to suit the varied requirements around the ship. 

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Crewsaver Lifejackets

Survitec have a full history in the design and manufacture of world leading personal flotation solutions.  Through our well known Crewsaver brand we offer a full, comprehensive range of lifejackets to suit varying vessel needs including foam and inflatable options.  We additionally offer an unrivalled aftermarket support network.

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As key partner to the world leading brand Pains Wessex we are well positioned to provide our customers with a full range of SOLAS approved pyrotechnics.  Built to an exceptionally high standard and widely recognised as one of the most reliable ranges of pyrotechnics available.

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Chemical Protection Suits

Within our range of chemical suit options, we have specifically included the Alphatec Super Suit within our Survitec+ programme.  This suit provides the ideal solution to vessel operators as it protects against all types of chemicals.

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Gas Distribution Welding System

Manufactured by Survitec our gas distribution welding system provides operators with a high-quality product that can be installed onboard for over 45-years.  We offer a comprehensive service network, meaning we can come onboard to perform maintenance and modification requirements as needed.


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Medical Equipment

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