CO2 Low Pressure Systems - Cold Lay-up Service

Survitec’s turn-key CO2 low pressure (LP) system lay-up service is aimed at roll-on/roll off (RO-RO) vessels, very large crude carriers (VLCCs), large bulk carriers and containerships to ensure the CO2 LP firefighting systems are correctly, and safely, deactivated when vessels enter lay-up.

Developed in collaboration with a leading European-based shipowner, the Survitec deactivation of CO2 LP system procedure has been introduced following market demand for a solution capable of simplifying deactivation and reactivation measures. 

When the tank has been emptied of its CO2 liquid content, the Survitec deactivation procedure maintains the internal pressure at approx. 10 bar to remove any risk of tank damage as a result of moisture ingress. This also means the CO2 tank does not need to be opened, inspected, internally cleaned and purged before refilling and reactivation.

  • Vessel can go into cold lay-up Instead of hot lay-up – to protect revenues
  • Simplifies refilling & reactivation procedures
  • Removes risk of tank damage caused by moisture ingress
  • Electricity is no longer needed to maintain the pressure for the CO2 LP firefighting systems once Deactivated
  • Engineers available at Survitec Key ports with flying squads on-hand if required

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The knowledge and capabilities of the deactivation process are based on the skill set and experience of the Survitec service teams, built up during the periodical services and refilling operations of CO2 LP systems. In addition to stringent ventilation, gas detection and personnel safety requirements, the cooling compressors need to be prepared prior
to tank emptying. Once the compressors are safe, the tank must be emptied through the liquid filling line instead of the gas return line to avoid a rapid drop in pressure and the CO2 turning into a solid block of ice.

The CO2 LP system must be emptied prior to lay-up as the ship’s generators will be shut down and unable to provide any power to shipboard compressors and refrigeration

The safest and most cost-effective way to carry out this work is to move the vessel by tug to a quayside. However, refilling of the CO2 tank at anchorage is possible with good planning and special arrangements.


Survitec is here to support operators and ship owners navigate through uncertain times. It has the expertise and experience to offer a turn-key
solution from preparation right through to reactivation including:

  • Emptying of CO2 tanks
  • Pressure testing of CO2 tanks & replacement of some parts
  • Cleaning of CO2 tanks
  • Reactivation (filling) of tanks with CO2
  • Servicing of firefighting system / reconfigure alarms systems etc.


Survitec has Z17 approvals as service suppliers – from various classification societies allowing it to service and maintain a vessel’s multi-branded fire-extinguishing systems, including CO2 LP systems. Only when the responsible classification society has given the relevant approvals, can the reactivation procedure of the CO2 LP firefighting system take place.

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