Speach mark icon Post deployment and prescribed interval servicing and inspection to the highest of aviation standards

Survival equipment plays a critical role in enabling Aviation personnel to perform their operational requirements and remain safe in any scenario.
To complement our extensive aviation product range we provide customers with a number of important services to ensure our products perform as expected throughout their entire lifecycle.

We service and maintain all equipment, provide inspection, testing and certification services, and we offer advice and guidance on legislative requirements and compliance. This is conducted throughout our global servicing network of over 20 fully accredited Survitec Aviation stations. 


Uncompromised Quality

Scheduled Servicing

Annual inspections for your aviation equipment and post flight maintenance with regular intervals


Qualified Engineers

Repair & Overhaul

Unique repair and overhaul services including damage repair, replacement components, and obsolescence management


Peace of Mind

Asset Management

Exclusive asset management system including information on tracking, maintenance, logistics


Specialist Knowledge

Servicing Capability

Unrivalled servicing capabilities including equipment installation, certification and personnel training


Unrivalled Expertise

Technical Publications

Extensive technical publications and documents to file regular updates, legislation and quality control on aviation equipment


Trusted Brands

Spare Parts

World's largest collection of aviation equipment spare parts including spare provisioning, logistics and certification

The Survitec global footprint
Support, anywhere, anytime

With over 3,000 employees and over 600 locations worldwide, Survitec operate the largest safety survival service and restock network in the world.  This enables us to deploy our capability anywhere on the globe, and offer our customers a servicing and restock hub in virtually any country.


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