Liferaft Rental Solutions

By choosing a rental contract with Survitec, there is no capital investment required. The prices are fixed, meaning you will never be hit with any unforeseen costs, allowing you to plan and budget more accurately. We offer a straightforward administration approach with a key account manager, backed up by an experienced global customer service team, facilitating all the preparation and logistics of your liferaft exchange. Above all, you can count on us to provide you with complete peace of mind. For some years we have successfully operated rental programmes with over 1,300 customers - from the biggest tankers to the smallest fishing fleet and with our trusted portfolio of approved liferaft brands you can be sure you always have the best quality products on board.


  • Liferafts are replaced with a new approved set
  • Comprehensive network, ensuring availability in all key ports world wide
  • Supports short port stays
  • Reduces the amount of handling required
    Offers a full guarantee for the duration of the rental period
  • Facilitates both an overall cost reduction and better cost management through one fixed annual charge
  • Less transportation required
  • Highly skilled technicians, ensuring rafts are always in compliance with regulations


At Survitec, we understand the importance of effective, operational practices when your vessel is in port. Our rental and exchange concept launched in 2008 changed the liferaft market forever. Today more than 8.200 vessels have Survitec rented rafts on-board. Renting rafts, rather than owning, is now the preferred solution on-board vessels!

  • No waiting
  • No interim loan rafts
  • No local repairs needed
  • No on board assessments
  • No extra costs
  • No complex agreements



All our rental rafts are type and class approved, certificated and ready to use. Our teams around the world work hard to ensure your
rafts are ready when and where they need to be. We will be waiting at your berth with your replacement rental rafts when you need,
ready to go. We offer a variety of class approved, certificated and ready to use Survitec rafts:

  • Option of Annual Liferafts (12 months) or Extended Service Liferafts (30 months) exchange.
  • Throw over and davit launch options
  • 30, 60 or 90-day due-date notifications when your raft needs exchanging
  • 6 – 35-man size options

Additionally, we offer a service completion guarantee, achieved through due date monitoring, proactive service planning, dedicated technical support , giving operators access to their compliance status and safety certificates.



When a 12 monthly service option simply will not suit your operational requirements, Survitec offers the ESR liferaft solution, extending your liferaft service intervals from 12 to 30 months. Then it is no longer required to facilitate a full service and exchange your liferaft annually. The ESR is hermetically sealed with humidity and CO2 sensors, which allows the vessel crew members to carry out their own inspection regularly to ensure total working efficiency.



The Survitec dedicated global support function for all requests, logistics and invoice details means less coordination, administration and most importantly less risk of error.
With over 3,000 marine professionals covering 105 countries and more than 2,000 ports, Survitec is unrivalled with our worldwide customer support network.


Survitec Liferaft Rental Solutions World Map



With a liferaft rental agreement you will experience several benefits for liferaft management. A key element of the Survitec concept
is based on a single point of contact taking care of the due-date monitoring and arrangements for exchange of your liferafts. With
this unique offer, you not only save time to focus on other operational duties, there is also a significant reduction in costs.

  • Predictable costs
  • Reduced risk – avoiding replacement costs
  • No investment required certificates
  • No initial investments of rafts


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