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As leader of the marine safety industry, Survitec has developed a solution that makes sure vessels are kept safe and compliant while reducing complexity and increasing value for the customer. Working in close cooperation with ship operators, managers and owners we asked how we could make operations easier and more efficient, from this SOLAS 360 was born.

SOLAS 360 is a brand-new, market-first concept with the aim of keeping vessels safe and compliant. Providing operators with an all-encompassing safety solution covering the totality of their safety equipment supply and servicing needs, including liferafts, lifeboat, fire systems and loose safety equipment.

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Achieved through due date monitoring, harmonised service dates, dedicated technical support, giving operators access to their compliance status and safety certificates.

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Fixed predictable costs for all safety services expanding over five years allows customers to plan and manage their safety spend more effectively.

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For all requests, logistics and invoice details. Resulting in less coordination, administration and most importantly reducing the risk of error.



Safety on board your vessel is of the utmost importance. in today’s competitive market operators continue to seek ways to maximise their efficiencies and increase value without compromising on quality.




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Guaranteed availability

Our mission is to make sure you are safe and compliant. Safety at sea is of vital importance, which is why Survitec is taking every step to support customers in making sure service jobs are conducted before certificates are due. Quality of service is a main focus, Survitec take every step to make sure we deliver to exceptionally high standards in everything we do.

Being safe and compliant is perhaps the most important part of operation. Survitec can handle operator’s safety needs with minimal disruption, allowing them to focus on day-to-day business activities. To achieve this, we have put many provisions in place, available to all SOLAS 360 customers.


Due Date Management:

Solas 360 icon  Survitec monitors your safety equipment due dates, notifies operators 30/60/90-days prior to the next deadline and proactively supports customers booking their next service-call.

Dedicated Technical Support

Solas 360 icon  Survitec offers a team of technical experts, individually specialising in each product range, to assist with technical and compliance support, best suited to our customers needs.

Harmonised Due Dates

Solas 360 icon   Harmonised dues dates achieved through proactive planning and resulting in fewer vessel visits. 

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Fixed, Predictable Pricing Models

How do we do this and which costs are we looking at?

Predictable Costs: Comparing the cost of a lifeboat inspection from two suppliers in a given port is easy. But what about travel charges, spares, accessories or the cost of coordinating and following up the inspection? Not to mention the cost should a lifeboat fail to perform in the case of an emergency.


Survitec aims at simplifying safety procurement for our customers and provide fixed, predictable pricing

  • All safety service inspections, travel, overtime and liferaft exchanges for a five-year interval are calculated and averaged out to a fixed annualized price.
  • By monitoring due dates and pro actively scheduling service jobs, Survitec helps reduce the need for costly, unplanned, last minute service jobs.
  • In addition, fixed prices on other spares, service-jobs and replacement products are provided to make sure that is easy, quick and predictable for customers to make sure their ships are kept safe and


Internal cost savings

Efficient planning, fixed pricing, access to safety certificates and a dedicated support team all contribute to less work for SOLAS 360 customs, saving you time and money that can be utilized elsewhere in your business.





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Global Support

SOLAS 360 enables handling of all marine safety needs through one dedicated team.
We understand that not only the safety equipment supplied and serviced is important to operators, but also the service received, to fulfil operators safety needs. Our dedicated global support structure allows customers to contact one dedicated team located close to the vessels operation, dealing in the desired currency, language and with one bank account for Survitec’s complete range of offers and network globally. Having one team, one set of operating procedures and one system for support further helps to eliminate risk of error.



Global Certification

Survitec is focusing on consistency and quality in all parts of the safety service value chain, resulting in improved safety of the vessel.

Global Approvals:
Every Survitec service stations is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and operates in accordance with IACS & Z17 approvals and governance. Our safety service network has global ISO 9001 approval and global approvals from five major classification societies - in addition to several local class approvals.

Inhouse Training Centres:
Survitec offers structured training programs for technicians through Survitec’s inhouse training centres, securing high quality standards and fully trained & certified technicians.

How do i qualify for SOLAS 360?

To benefit from our SOLAS 360 safety solutions you simply need to sign up for a SOLAS 360 or Safety Management contract with Survitec, the benefits of each are shown in the diagram (right).

SOLAS 360 is an all-encompassing offer with the aim of creating a long term partnership. Working together, Survitec aims to fit out your vessel with all the safety equipment required through a fixed multi-year contract covering initial supply, ongoing service requirements and continued replenishment of spares and accessories. Allowing you to benefit from the cost savings and efficiencies that SOLAS 360 has to offer.

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Features and benefits Spot Frame Agreement Subscription
Compliancy soals 360 tick soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
High quality products soals 360 tick soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Certified, reputable and consistent services

soals 360 tick soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Global capabilities and reach

soals 360 tick soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
One point of contact, single currency, one bank account   soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Due date alerts

  soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Fixed price list

  soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Priority in customer service and port   soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Dedicated CS resource and SOLAS support     soals 360 tick

Due date harmonization and proactive service management

    soals 360 tick
Predictable periodic price     soals 360 tick
Guaranteed availability*     soals 360 tick

*Terms and conditions apply
**E&OE.  Subject to change

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Global Footprint

Survitec offers the world’s largest supply and service network, coving all major ports globally. No matter which port the vessel is located its likely there will be a Survitec service station close by, and if there is not we can handle the logistics to make sure the safety need is covered at your chosen port.

In addition, understanding your need to keep in port stays as short as possible we aim to tailor the products we stock at key locations to suit many vessel requirements.

Survitec Solas 360 Global Footprint

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