Survitec takes the cruise industry beyond compliance


Survitec’s strategy to restructure its cruise business is expected to deliver comprehensive benefits to the global cruise industry through a centralised, dedicated customer service, procurement, training and support hub.

Survitec Global Cruise offers customised solutions for the cruise market. These solutions include innovative newbuild designs and revolutionary product developments, through life asset management programs, drydock solutions and project management, in addition to bespoke training programmes. Survitec is identifying, qualifying and developing solutions that are tailored to go beyond the regulatory requirement by “thinking beyond compliance”.

James Drummond, CEO, Survitec, said: “What we have achieved with Survitec Global Cruise is a single, dedicated cruise centre capable of ensuring all our cruise customers’ safety requirements are less complex to manage and more commercially effective. The investment forms part of a wider strategy aimed at positioning Survitec as a trusted safety partner, not only a supplier.”



Using risk assessment methodology to identify weak points and prevent costly and time-delaying incidents can have substantial benefits, not only in reducing maintenance costs but also minimise the management of multiple suppliers and service providers.

Mark Baines, Survitec Vice-President, Americas, and who leads Survitec Global Cruise, says: “The immediate goal is to improve operational efficiencies. By removing the reliance on internal resources and local suppliers we eliminate the administrative burden and reduce the cost of compliance. This way we improve operational efficiencies and reliability, optimising the way in which operators protect their assets, passengers and crews. We take ownership.”

Survitec Global Cruise blends insight with the practical application and implementation of a cruise ship’s SOLAS requirement, as Luke Cook, Sales Director, Survitec Global Cruise attests. 

“All safety equipment, procurement, training, services and support are now managed through a dedicated global cruise team, negating the need for countless individual transactions and, ultimately, making the management of a cruise ship’s safety and compliance requirements more cost effective.”

As part of its strategy to defragment the servicing process, Survitec have also consolidated and optimised its complete portfolio of bespoke safety and survival training programmes to engender a mindset that goes beyond compliance.

“If cruise ships are delayed by Port State Control Authorities (PSC) for non-compliance related issue, operators will face hefty fines and possible additional financial loss with passenger claims for compensation. Our bespoke training solutions are very much geared towards preventing these costly, and often unnecessary, time-delaying incidents,” says Cook.

Survitec Global Cruise’s training solutions cover the core areas Firefighting Equipment (FFE), Lifesaving Appliances (LSA) and Marine Evacuation Systems (MES), and are delivered by market leading, approved providers; many of whom are former regulators themselves.

“We focus on creating a culture that promotes staff engagement in risk mitigation. Additionally, we aim to educate crew on what to look for to ensure constant readiness for PSC inspection. Our overall focus is to help vessels improve operational efficiencies, reduce down time, and increase operational yield per passenger onboard,” adds Cook.

Another important aspect to Survitec Global Cruise is to better manage the cruise ships’ drydocking with custom solutions aimed at ensuring the whole process is managed cost-effectively.

“There are many components to consider when arranging a drydock, including location, quality, timing, cost and scope which can be highly complex when orchestrating resources across a significant number of parallel operations.  Survitec simplify these requirements by appointing a dedicated project management team to coordinate all contracted services for an efficient and on time delivery,” says Cook.

“Additionally, operators must manage the purchase and on-time supply of equipment and spare parts to the shipyard, which can often means dealing with multiple suppliers. Survitec Global Cruise manages the entire drydocking project from start to finish.”

Once Survitec defines a cruise customers’ specific vessel needs, key account managers map out a comprehensive project plan which includes securing drydock space, purchasing equipment and spare parts, managing all resources, deliverables, KPIs and providing all documentation, such as certificates and approvals.

Indeed, as a ‘Recognised Organisation’ Survitec can also provide safety services and approval certificates for other brands. This follows recent Global Z17 Approval from classification society DNV GL, RINA and ABS.  Similar certificates are expected from Lloyds’ Register in the coming months.

Survitec supply and maintain Lifeboats and Tenders, Davits and Release Systems, Marine Evacuation Systems, Global Liferaft Programs, Personal and Vessel Man Overboard Equipment, Rescue Boats and Recovery Systems, Fixed and Portable Fire Systems, Personal Protection Equipment and Emergency Communication Systems.  Further to this, Survitec can also provide 5 and 10 yearly overhaul, upgrade and retrofit programmes to support the cruise industry’s emerging demands.

“Through our global service and distribution centres, we have the resources to deliver a comprehensive package of equipment, support and inspection services,” says Cook.

“We go to great lengths to ensure we understand what is required prior to delivering the best possible solution. Survitec Global Cruise is with our cruise customers every step of the way to ensure their projects are delivered on time and on budget.”

Survitec Global Cruise is managed by a permanent team of 20 personnel with direct access to 1,000 Survitec technicians, offering coverage at 2,000 ports and 500 plus accredited service stations across the world.


For more information on our range of cruise safety and survival solutions, please view our new Cruise Safety Catalogue.


James Drummond
James Drummond, CEO, Survitec
Mark Baines
Mark Baines, Survitec Vice President, Americas
Luke Cook
Luke Cook, Sales Director, Survitec Global Cruise

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