1000 Series Tri-Approved Gen 2 Suit

Designed to exceed the requirements of the latest European aviation and marine standards, the 1000 Series Tri-approved Gen 2 immersion suit provides unsurpassed protection for a multitude of applications. This includes passenger transfer by helicopter over cold water, crew transfer vessels and marine constant wear. The suit can also double up as an offshore abandonment suit with hermetically sealed foil pouch - offering 5 year recertification life.

The suit interior offers increased insulation against extreme cold and improved thermal comfort with reduced thermal stress. Enhanced protection is afforded through durable watertight seals at the neck and wrists. In addition, the elbow, seat and knee reinforcements provide extra protection for those working in harsh environments or being winched to work via helicopter.


  • Reinforced seat, knee and elbow protection for improved through life capability
  • Grab handle to aid raft scramble in the event of an emergency
  • Articulated sleeves with air expulsion valves
  • SOLAS quality retro-reflective tape
  • Optional smart layer thermal heat management undergarment for air-ops
  • Traceability label containing specific identification data
  • Contoured cargo pocket located on front left thigh with donning instruction pictogram
  • Rental or purchase options available

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