Bedside Medical Oxygen System IMO

Product Sku: 610261

Survitec’s Medical Oxygen Systems meets the latest IMO IMDG/MFAG regulations for shipboard use to supply Oxygen to two persons at the same time. Three alternative solutions are available, bedside, outside and Norwegian which meet the IMDG/FMAG amendment, some flag states require the cylinder to be installed outside the hospital and some require the safety valve outlet from the regulator to be lead to open air by piping.

In the IMO Bedside solution, the oxygen cylinder is placed between two beds, mounted against the bulkhead with the cylinder rack. The regulator with a fixed flow of 50L/min, is mounted on top of the cylinder and the rail is mounted on the bulkhead. The double oxygen outlet is fixed to the rail and the hose is connected to the regulator. Two flow meters, with quick connections, are placed in the double oxygen outlet, which enables the oxygen flow to be regulated between 0-12L/min. A humidifier is connected to each flow meter and this has a disposable oxygen therapy mask attached to it.

The IMO outside solution, has the oxygen cylinder placed in the cylinder rack and can either be mounted directly on the bulkhead or in a cabinet. The gas is piped through to the ships Hospital and the internal equipment is as described above. Whereas the IMO Norwegian solution has the cylinder fitted as described by the IMO Bedside solution, however the regulator is built to fit a pipe onto the safety valve of the regulator, which needs to be led to open air, the internal equipment is as described above.


  • All equipment is supplied in one box ready for easy installation, installation instructions are also included 
  • Installation can be completed without any trouble during a voyage and can easily be performed by the crew
  • All equipment is available through our extensive network
  • Future service is supported by our service organisation including replacement of components  
  • Compatible with MedOx Medical Oxygen Cylinders 

Rack for 1 Cylinder

Part Code: 320358

Regulator with quick coupling

Part Code: 608414

Double Outlet for Rail Mounting

Part Code: 608406

Flowmeter for Gas Outlet 0-12 L/min

Part Code: 596379

Humidifier 0.25 L

Part Code: 596361

Oxygen Therapy Mask Disposable (10 Pack)

Part Code: 610188

Rail 1-Slit

Part Code: 596403

Oxygen Medical Sign

Part Code: 763581

MedOx Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Regulator + Yoke for (PISS)

Part Code: 763967

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