C-130 Liferaft

The RFD C-130 liferaft is a dedicated plug and play liferaft installed on the wing stowages in C130 Hercules aircraft. The liferaft, which is FAA and CAA approved, is designed to carry 33 persons, has an overload capacity of 49 persons, and incorporates as standard a special furlable canopy.  The complete liferaft and emergency pack is positioned within a fabric valise for stowage into the C130 Hercules wing pannier installation. The Valise is manufactured from PVC coated nylon fabric with strong webbing attached to form a lifting sling arrangement. The top of the valise is tied closed with a length of nylon thread inserted through the ring eyes in the valise fabric. This enables the whole assembly to be manoeuvre into the wing stowage area. Conventional valises are also available for internal stowage.

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