Co2 Stored Pressure Extinguisher 5 kg

Product Sku: 667535

Survitec’s range of fire extinguishers offers the user higher fire ratings, easier fire fighting capability and increased levels of safety. Whether one requires cartridge, stored pressure or wheeled, high grade quality materials and coatings are used giving longer extinguisher life and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Higher fire ratings
  • Safer fire fighting
  • High quality material and finish


  • The CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable to fight fires on live electrical installations on board shipping vessels and can be used on electrical fires up to 35 kV
  • The higher than normal industry standard burst pressure for the cylinder and hose safeguards when fire fighting
  • A long life and low maintenance costs are assured as the extinguishers are manufactured from 2mm thick steel, shot blasted and polyester coated with a non rusting safety pin


Capacity 5 kg
Bracket No
Test Pressure 250 bar
Burst disc Pressure 200 bar
Working Pressure 169.3 bar
Weight Full 14 kg
Height 930 mm
Diameter  139.7 mm
Fire Rating 89B
Operating Temperature Range -30C to +60C

Properties: CO2 is almost completely non toxic, and leaves no residue after use.

Electrical fires: CO2 does not conduct electricity, and is specially recommended for all fires in the presence of a live conductor for example : transformers, electrical panels, computers, motors.


Marine Bracket with Strap for 5 kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Part Code: 668111

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