Safelaunch SLA3.5

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The Safelaunch SLA3.5 is an off-load fall-mounted automatic release hook for use with davit-launched liferafts and single-fall rescue boats.

With a safe working load of 3.5tonnes, the SLA3.5 is perfectly suited for various types of liferafts & rescue boats and their associated launching appliance and because of the inherent safety of the load-over-centre design it can only be released when the raft or boat is waterborne, with little (up to 150kg) or no load on it. It fully complies with the latest SOLAS & LSA Regulations.

The SLA3.5 has two modes of operation to allow for safe evacuation regardless of the conditions:

1. Automatic release when the craft becomes waterborne by engaging the Actuating Mechanism just prior to splashdown.

2. Manual release when waterborne if auto-release is not possible due to added load on the hook while being towed or when sea conditions worsen.



  • The only hook on the market that can have the 5 year overhaul and test completed on board
  • Colour code dvisual indicators
  • Load over-centre design
  • 100% EU product, designed and manufactured in the UK by Survitec
  • No service exchange requirement
  • Single operating handle for ease of operation

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