Breathing Air Compressor Quality Test kit

Product Sku: 902858

For the optimum safety of all crew members and anyone present in the vicinity, the quality of breathing air is a crucial factor to be considered. The Survitec Breathing Air Quality test kit measures the purity of breathing air from high or low-pressure cylinders and the compressors are quick, easy to use and are accurate. IMO guidelines MSC/Circ 850 recommends annual testing of your air quality from BA sets, escape sets and breathing air compressors.

The compressed air monitoring set is used to determine the content of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil and water vapour in breathable air from compressors and compressed gas cylinders. When mandatory by National Regulation, the presence of Nitrous gases must be determined as well. The air quality should conform to EN 12021 standards.


  • Enables accurate measurement of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water oil and nitrous oxide levels in breathing air
  • Pre-set settings of the flow rate for the gases to be measured enables you to use the kit instantly 
  • Tubes are clearly arrow marked for use with the kit giving quick and easy to understand results
  • Can measure four gases simultaneously 
  • Uses readily available testing tubes 

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Gas Detector Tube Carbon Monoxide Airtest

Part Code: 661553

Gas Detector Tube Water Vapour Airtest

Part Code: 661728

Gas Detector Tube CO₂ 100-2000 ppm 10 Pieces

Part Code: 734723

Gas Detector Tube Synthetic Oil 0.1 - 1.0 mg/m³ 10 Pieces

Part Code: 734715

Gas Detector Tube Nitrous Fumes 0.2-6.0 ppm 10 Pieces (Optional, not part of the kit)

Part Code: 735373

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