Day and Night Mk8 Handheld Distress Signal

Product Sku: 904456

Compact, easy to operate, handheld distress signal. Consisting of a red flare at one end and an orange smoke at the other. Housed in a rugged, corrosion and water resistant case.

When activated, the signal emits a red flare at one end for use by both night or day. The opposite end emits dense orange smoke for daytime use only. Both ends can be fired independently and can be doused in water after firing, allowing the unused end to be stowed until required. Divers should protect the signal in a waterproof bag or container.


  • Compact handheld distress signal 
  • Emits a red flare 15,000 candela at one end, for use at day and night 
  • A dense orange smoke at the other end for daytime use 
  • Housed in a rugged, corrosion and resistant case 



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