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DBC Evacuation chute systems are efficient, flexible, cost-effective, easy to use at heights up to 33 metres, and available in single track formats to conform with differing flag states’ regulations. A fabric descent chute and inflatable platform are stored in a compact housing either on the evacuation deck (inside or outside the vessel), or unobtrusively on the deck above. During an emergency, a crew member releases the Marine Evacuation Chute (MEC) by the pull of a handle. The chute and platform fall to the water and the platform automatically inflates. At the same time, liferafts are launched from their racking systems. Once inflated they are attached to the platforms beneath the vertical chutes. Passengers enter the MEC by way of their housings on the evacuation deck. Their descent to the attached platforms below is controlled by the engineered zig-zag vertical descent control mechanism. From the inflated platforms, they can be dry-transferred to liferafts.


  • Chute systems are available in single formats
  • For use at heights of up to 33 metres
  • System comprises a vertical chute with a platform at the base
  • Zig-zag design offers controlled descent
  • Throw-over liferafts are secured to the MEC transfer platform via a tether line followed by 2 x snap shackle attachment points
  • Easy to operate
  • Max capacity is 400 persons in 30 minutes

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