Throw Over Liferaft - 25, 35, 50, 102 persons

Davit Launch Liferaft - 25, 35 persons

The DSB range of Self-righting Throw Over Liferafts are compliant with appropriate Marine Equipment Directives (MEDs). Equipped with all the safety features of conventional DSB Liferafts, with additional self-righting capability.  A jettison type may also be used in conjunction with the DSB Small Inflatable Slide (SIS) and CAT-Slide Marine Evacuation Systems (MES).

Davit rafts liferafts are designed to be deployed and boarded at deck level before being lowered to the water in case of an emergency.  Where as throw over rafts will inflate on impact with water, the additional self righting feature will help to ensure these rafts always deploy correctly. 


  • The 25, 35 and 50 personoptions  are available with SOLAS 'A' or 'B' emergency equipment packs
  • The 100 person is available with SOLAS 'B' emergency equipment pack

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