Emergency Towing System

The SSD Assurance Packs have been designed to ensure that the strength of the towing components meet the minimum requirements as laid down in the International Maritime Organization Regulations annex, 'Guidelines for Emergency Towing Arrangements on Tankers'.

Pack 1 is designed for vessels with a deadweight of between 20,000 and 50,000 tonnes and provides a working strength of 1,000kN. Pack 2 is for tankers over 50,000 tonnes requiring towing components with a working strength of 2,000kN. Both packs are modular and comprise of a marker buoy with a top light, a messenger line, towing pennant, chain, towing bracket and stern-mounted storage unit.

Under regulation V/15-1 of the 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), as amended by resolution MSC.31(63) in 1994, new and existing tankers of 20,000 tonnes deadweight and above shall be fitted with an emergency towing arrangement, the design and construction of which shall be approved, based on the Guidelines developed by the Organisation. The emergency towing arrangements should be so designed as to facilitate salvage and emergency towing operation on tankers primarily to reduce the risk of pollution.

The arrangements should at all times be capable of rapid deployment in the absence of main power on the ship that is to be towed and easy connection to the towing vessel.

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