CO2 Extinguisher Cartridge 120 g for 6 kg Powder

Product Sku: 668236

Survitec offers a complete range of cartridges and charges to ensure that fire extinguishers remain compliant and require minimal technical knowledge to replace. They are easy to replace and store on board your vessel. These are suitable for Survitec cartridge operated fire extinguishers.


  • Easy to replace
  • High quality material and finish
  • You can easily replace them by disconnecting the connections on the cylinder
  • Coated with zinc primer our cartridges have long shelf life and require minimal space for storage on your vessel in a vessel’s workshop with a jaw of a least 75 mm

O-Ring for P9FM.M 5 Pack

Part Code: 766977

Valve Seal for PP6P/PP9P/PP12P/ PP25P (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 756411

O-Ring For All Cart Portable Extinguisher (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 03123461

O-ring for Top 50 kg (Pack of 5)

Part Code: 667766

Safety Pin Yellow (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 667592

Wire and Seal (Pack of 90)

Part Code: 667600

Safety Pin with Ring 25 kg (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 667899

Cylinder valve connection (Pack of 25)

Part Code: 667824

Valve Seal for Fire Extinguisher (Pack of 25)

Part Code: 667584

Safety Pin 50 kg (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 667683

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