Eye Sling Hook- EN 1677-2 GRADE 8

Material :
Alloy steel, grade 8

Safety factor :
MBL equals 4 x WLL

From 12.8T without flat part



Grade 8 lifting fittings offer a lifting capacity matching
grade 8 chain.

Survitec Group offers a wide range of grade 8 items
in order to assemble a complete sling from the top
master link to the hooks. The range extends from 6 mm
to 32 mm (1/4" to 1 1/4").


Grade 8 components supplied by Survitec Group are all
manufactured from alloy steel and generally drop forged.
The grade 8 components are powder coated.

These components are generally stamped with th following markings:

Traceability code: E.g. Z, pertaining to a particular batch
Steel grade: 8
CE conformity code: CE, Conformity European indicating that the product is
suitable for lifting purposes
Item code: E.g. MP
Chain diameter in mm and/or inch: E.g. 13 and/or 1/2"
Manufacturer ’s identification symbol: E.g. Name or logo

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