Aircrew IPG - Variant B Fast Jet

The highly versatile Aircrew Immersion Protective Garment (IPG) is informed by over 65 years’ experience in immersion suit technology, with its design utilised on some of the largest aircraft platforms in the world. The Aircrew IPG has been developed by Survitec to offer aircrew operators a suite of garments that can be used across their entire aircraft fleet ranging from Fast Jets, Transport and Rotary Wing and Attack Helicopters. Tested down to a water temperature of 32° F (0° C), the Aircrew IPG is designed to grant its wearer the highest level of protection against the effects of exposure in cold climates, both in water and on land. It is a one piece garment that can be fitted with a carbon filament construction to reduce static and an anti-splatter design to its shoulders.

It is fully cut and shaped at the knees, seat and arms to provide maximum comfort, with extra material for added durability and strength on the shoulders, arms and torso if required. It is manufactured from a lightweight and waterproof, tri-laminate fabric, comprising an inherently fire resistant (FR) woven face fabric, a micro-porous breathable laminate and a knitted Aramid lining. The fabric offers immersion protection and reduces thermal burden by allowing body vapours to permeate through to maintain wearer comfort when in use. The garment is easily donned in under 60 seconds, and is available in 24 standard sizes that accommodate from the 5th to 95th percentile. Optional socks are available, fitted to lower legs to create a one-piece garment. Socks are available in both FR self-fabric or non-FR Taslan waterproof, breathable options for improved flexibility and minimised bulk, where FR is not a requirement.

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