CQC Fibrelight Stretcher

The stretcher is manufactured using re-enforcing rods of Carbon Fibre that are enclosed within tubular webbing with flanges. When the tubes are fitted and sewn at right angles between the double thickness pockets of a second webbing an incredibly strong structure is created. The result is a device that is very strong and rigid yet still lightweight and compact. The material is wipe and spray clean as well as rot and mildrew resistant.

Both the Fibrelight Stretcher and the Fibrelight Four Section Stretcher have been tested with a static load, suspended horizontally by four side handles loaded with 200kgs for 1 hour. Snatch test, suspended horizontally by four side handles loaded with 100kgs. One pair of handles dropped 150mm and arrested abruptly, repeated for 10,000 cycles to simulate movement over rough terrain for 5km. No damage or deterioration was evident on completion of these tests.

The construction has also been tested as per SOLAS Approval from Lloyd's Register and approved for Thermal Ageing, Weathering, UV Exposure, Oil Resistance and practical performance. 


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