Firebuddy Plus Outfit

The Firebuddy Plus fire fighter kit is our top of the range suit using softer flexible materials to give you more freedom of movement. The Firebuddy Plus Kit is a Ships Wheel and SOLAS approved fireman’s outfit comprising of helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves and non-conductive gloves. Additionally you can complete your fire fighter requirements from our range of breathing apparatus and rescue equipment.


  • The jacket has a stand up collar, elasticated cuffs, and is closed by a zip covered by an overlapping front with touch and close fastening to the front and collar
  • The touch and close fastening and elasticated trouser braces allow you to put on the suit quickly
  • The trousers have wide elasticated braces with adjusters and quick-release buckles
  • All gloves plus the boots and helmet are also EN approved in accordance with MED ships wheel
  • Alternatively the Firebuddy Plus Outfit can be supplied with the Fire 04 Helmet
  • The 4 layer construction ensures thermal protection whilst providing you with high comfort factors using breathable
  • Our softer materials even with 4 layers give you flexible movement which is a crucial element when you need to enter
  • Our suit sizing is generous allowing you the choice to wear additional clothing
  • Boots are not included in this kit

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Fireman Boots Size 41

Part Code: 766803

Fireman Boots Size 42

Part Code: 766804

Fireman Boots Size 43*

Part Code: 766805

Fireman Boots Size 44

Part Code: 766806

Fireman Boots Size 45

Part Code: 766807

Fireman Boots Size 46-47

Part Code: 766808

Gloves For Firefighting Suit

Part Code: 775361

LED Lamp Holder for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777539

LED Lamp for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777538

Fire Axe with Insulated Handle

Part Code: 534958

Fire Fighters Insulated Gloves

Part Code: 775379

PalmBuddy Gloves

Part Code: 902181

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