Cold Weather Protection Ensemble

Our Cold Weather Ensemble protects military aircrew exposed to the most extreme environmental conditions. The ensemble can be configured to provide appropriate levels of protection ensuring mission flexibility across all climates and conditions.



  • Keeps military aviators warm and dry in adverse conditions
  • Designed for reduced bulk whilst maximising waterproof-ness, comfort, and mobility
  • The jacket is available in two insulation levels to provide optimum protection in different climates
  • Breathable fabric protects from snow, rain and wind whilst allowing evaporation of perspiration
  • Waterproof pockets and optional balaclava with features to reduce frostbite risk
  • Fully compatible with the range of Survitec thermal protection mid and base layer garments
  • Qualified for fast jet, rotary wing and transport aircraft operations, constructed from inherently flame retardant fabrics

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