General Service Life Preserver

The General Service Lifejacket (GSLJ) is designed for general issue to Naval Forces personnel in any geographical area. It is constructed from two-ply butyl-proofed synthetic fabric which has undergone extensive trials to produce an ozone resistant, hard wearing, rotproof item of lifesaving equipment. The lifejacket consists of an inflatable stole with head aperture, a faceshield, a fabric pouch and a webbing waistbelt with a lifting harness attached.  The lifejacket is compactly housed in a fabric pouch supported by a strong webbing waistbelt which can be moved around the waist so that the pouch is in a position most convenient to the wearer. In an emergency, the stole is easily removed from the pouch, slipped over the head and inflated.

The inflatable stole is constructed from two-ply butyl proofed synthetic fabric coloured traffic yellow for high conspicuity. The rear panel is fitted with a broad fabric loop which is retained in the pouch by the waistbelt. The faceshield is primarily designed to protect the wearer from spray, but has the added advantage of providing protection and insulation from the elements. A wide synthetic webbing is attached to the waistbelt so that a survivor can be lifted from the water. A plastic whistle is provided for drawing the attention of rescuers, and a lifeline and toggle are housed in the fabric pouch for use as required. A battery and light assembly assist in location. The lifejacket is inflated through an oral valve and tube which may also be used to maintain maximum buoyancy during a prolonged flotation period.

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