AlphaTec Chemical Suit Gloves for Super/VPS/Light*

Product Sku: 749838

These outer barrier gloves are for use with VPS/Super and Light type suits are are a unique rubber glove giving you excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including warfare agents and biological hazards. Hands do the majority of work so it is important you protect them thoroughly. To ensure constant use of your chemical suits it is always advisable to carry a spare set of gloves on board.


  • Simple to replace on board
  • Provide abrasion resistance
  • Soft and flexible
  • Includes the bayonet ring
  • Carrying a spare set maintains operational readiness of your chemical suits
  • The VPS/Super and Light bayonet system allows you to replace gloves quickly and easily
  • They are soft and flexible allowing you to carry out most tasks
  • These outer barrier gloves protect your hands from abrasions and ensure your suit remains gas tight

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