Hazardous Duty Life Preserver

The Hazardous Duty Life Preserver is designed for use by naval personnel working in potentially hazardous situations and who require a constant-wear lifejacket which will inflate automatically should they sustain an injury and be rendered unconscious. The Life Preserver comprises an inflatable stole (manufactured from two-ply butyl-proofed nylon fabric for maximum durability and longevity), a face shield, a halter-type protective pouch and a waist-belt assembly fitted with a recovery loop.

The single-chamber stole is fitted with an inflation assembly which operates automatically upon immersion in water. An oral inflation assembly is also fitted to facilitate both topping up and deflation. The wearer is protected from spray inhalation by a permanently attached and easily deployed face shield fitted with a large transparent visor. The stole assembly is housed in, and protected by, a heavy-duty nylon pouch which is donned over the head and retained by a fully adjustable webbing waist-belt.

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