Jotron AQ-4 MK2

Product Sku: 7000592

AQ-4 MK2, the new high quality multi-purpose marking and distress personal strobe-light, is designed for use in extreme rough maritime and on-shore environments. AQ-4 MK2 is developed with a high intensity LED that by a two-way switch activates either flash or fixed light. The AQ-4 MK2 is waterproof down to 300 metres.

Typical applications are diving and fire-fighting as location aid, military personnel and/or equipment marking and aid, personnel/crew on-board any type of vessels, search and rescue personnel.

Survitec Group can also supply the full range of Tron ML Series Marker Lights.



• White high-intensity LED

• 50-flashes per minute at prox 6 Cd (> 2 Nautical Miles)

• Two-way switch, "flash" is standard. Remove sealing to activate "fixed"

• Prox 8 hours "flash" or prox 7 hours "fixed"

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