Lifebuoy Light L90 including Batteries and Bracket

Product Sku: FLL90B

This L90 lifebuoy light is drycell battery-powered light equipped with a tilt switch for automatic function. Provides an equivalent light intensity of at least two candelas giving you up to 2 miles visibility at night. Simple to fit and designed to take the rigours of the marine environment it is a cost effective solution for your safety needs.


  • SOLAS/MED approved
  • Activates when deployed from bracket
  • Two hour operation time
  • Flashing light


  • Comes complete with a bracket for you to screw or bolt to any surface
  • Annual replacement of batteries makes this a cost effective solution
  • Electronics are protected so make it safe on oil or petrol covered waters
  • You simply throw it in the water attached to your lifebuoy and the tilt switch will automatically turn it on


  • Light Output: 2 Cd Min
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Type: Flashing lamp
  • Batteries: 5 off 1.5 Volt LR20
  • Storage Life: Annual Battery Change
  • Drop Height: 60 metres
  • Weight: 1080g
  • Activation: Auto via pull cord

L90 Lamp

Part Code: L38688

L90 0-Ring

Part Code: L38689

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