Linethrower 250

Product Sku: 908255

A self-contained line-throwing appliance consisting of a weatherproof plastic casing with end cap, twist-grip trigger assembly, rocket and line. To comply with SOLAS requirements, four complete rocket and line assemblies should be carried on board. The device has a throwing range of between 230m and 250m. A solid propellant is used which guarantees a highly accurate flight path even in strong sidewinds.
The Linethrower 250 is designed for ease of operation in the most extreme weather conditions. It can be used in all situations where a line is required to be passed accurately and quickly.

Please note: The Linethrower 250 is supplied as standard including the rocket. The unit cannot be used without the rocket.


  • All line-throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and shore based rescue services
  • Rescue of swimmers in distress
  • Line carrying across obstacles and rough terrain
  • Throwing range of between 230m and 250m
  • SOLAS/MED and USCG compliant
  • Product Life:
    • Body and line - 9 year life
    • Rocket - minimum 3 years

Note: A ship’s set comprises of 4 complete Line Thrower 250 Units.



Linethrower 250 Rocket

Part Code: 790762

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