Megaflex 8 Strand Rope

Plaited ropes are well established in marine and offshore applications, because of their ease of handling and nonrotating behaviour. Megaflex is a composite fibre made from high tenacity polypropylene.

It has excellent fatigue characteristics and abrasion resistance. The fatigue life is comparable to pure polyester, but the weight for a given strength is comparable to that of nylon. The rope has a very high breaking strength and is not influenced by water so dry strength is equal to wet strength. It is an ideal rope for mooring tails. Also available in 12 strand construction.


  • Optimum strength: weight ratio for ease of handling
  • Wet strength equal to dry strength
  • Good abrasion resistance against internal and external friction
  • Manufactured in accordance with OCIMF guidelines
  • Good resistance to frictional heat damage
  • Good shock load absorption, yielding low snapback at break
  • Specific gravity 1.14
  • Remains flexible and easy to splice in use
  • Fully UV stabilised
  • Excellent chemical resistance, except in the presence of alkalis


  • General fishing
  • Inland shipping
  • Merchant navy
  • Mooring lines
  • Mooring tails

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