MK10 Skeletal Anti-g Suit

We offer a fully integrated, modular anti-g trouser range designed to maximize protection and optimize pilot performance. Leveraging over 90 years experience in PFE, each garment is designed to facilitate pilot/aircraft dynamic to ensure users can operate in the most extreme circumstances.

The MK10 Skeletal Anti-g Suit is a high-performance, flame-retardant, five-bladder garment designed to enhance a pilot's performance whilst offering high levels of protection. Survitec's unique design approach enables reduced pilot fatigue, improved situational awareness and low cost of ownership. Designed to prevent g-force-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC), the MK10 Skeletal Anti-g Suit enables pilots to sustain up to 7g structurally, ensuring that they can maintain high manoeuvrability in close aerial combat.

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