MK10 Skeletal Anti-g Suit

The MK10 Skeletal Anti-G Suit delivers pressure to the abdomen, thighs and legs in direct proportion to the g-loading experienced, enabling pilots to sustain up to 7G and ensuring they can maintain full situational awareness and exploit the full performance of the aircraft.



  • Approved on multiple platforms including Hawk, Tucano, PC-9, PC-21 and others
  • Available in sage green, NATO green and sand
  • Easily reconfigurable for left or right hand air supply
  • Eight standard sizes plus special measure option for optimum fit, male and female
  • Adjustable lacing for maximum comfort and ability to wear summer or winter schedules without garment refitting
  • Removeable thigh pockets for flight documents and equipment
  • Manufactured from hard wearing fire retardant Aramid fabric
  • Simple maintenance requirements minimises logistics burden

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