Offshore Mass Evacuation System

The Survitec Offshore Mass Evacuation System has been designed specifically to address hazards associated with these more ‘traditional’ approaches to secondary evacuation.  The fully-enclosed, deck-mounted system is suitable for operating heights of up to 46 metres and provides a protected means of evacuation from an offshore facility. The system can move a maximum of 150 personnel from topsides down to sea level via a fire and smoke protected vertical, telescoping, escape chute directly into a single SOLAS rated high capacity liferaft within 10 minutes of deployment.

The liferaft is connected to the chute and stabilisation system by means of an integrated breakaway landing platform, which can be disconnected from the raft once personnel have boarded, enabling the raft to move away from the hazard. The system design ensures that the breakaway landing platform, chute and stabilisation system remain in place and are able to be recovered to the deck for re-use.

The system can be configured for use with 50, 70, 75, 100 or 150 man rafts and is intended to be used primarily as a reliable, alternative means of evacuation when Helicopters or Life Boats are impaired or inaccessible.

Survitec Group has been awarded the Prestigious 'Safety Innovations Award' at the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2015 Offshore Achievements Award Ceremony. The Group entered the MAS-67 Offshore MES Evacuation System along with the MK50 Life Preserver that both won the Safety Innovations Award.

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