» CE-PPE Qualification to ISO 15027:2012
» Bespoke mid-layer immersion suit garment
» Provides immersion protection without compromise to individual work performance
» Compatibility with multiple PPE equipment types

The OTS 601 is a unique approach to immersion protection that takes the form of a waterproof undergarment, worn close
to the skin and under normal work wear. Designed for constant wear the OTS 601 is both practical and comfortable when
worn over long periods.

The OTS 601 is designed to protect individuals working over the side of offshore installations or general working practices
over water. Providing user protection from cold water shock and extending survival time, the OTS 601 is lightweight and
breathable allowing for strenuous activity without the wearer suffering the effects of heat stress.
Fundamental to the development of the OTS has been independent ergonomic and cold water trials. The garment has
proven to be comfortable, practical and compatible with other PPE and is worn rigorously by many user customers in the

The OTS 601 is constructed from a Gore-Tex tri-laminate fabric that comprises an internal fleece layer providing thermal
properties. In addition the zip, neck and wrist seals are incorporated to maximize comfort without compromising water

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