Bauer Poseidon Breathing Air Compressor PE100 300 Bar

Product Sku: 777965

The Poseidon stands for an excellent price/performance ratio at very high quality. This unit range has been developed for reliable operation combining proven core components from Bauer with a simple and robust chassis.
The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest compressor unit of the PE range. Supplied with a 12 month air purification certificate from new.


  • Complete, ready to use, only connect power, as illustrated
  • 200 bar or 300 bar filling
  • Long life triplex P11 filter cartridges ensures cleaner air (en12021)
  • Highly engineered, robust and light weight
  • Triplex filters ensure you a safe source of clean breathing air consistently
  • The corrosion resistant steel frames make it ideal for use onboard vessels
  • We have a 20 year spare parts supply and global technical service supporting your investment long term

Breathing Air Compressor Quality Test kit

Part Code: 902858

Bauer Compressor Filter Charge for Junior/Oceanus TRIPLEX filter

Part Code: 528935

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 500 hours or 1 year

Part Code: 652644

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 1000 hours or 2 years

Part Code: 652651

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 2000 hours or 4 years

Part Code: 736208

Bauer Compressor Synthetic Oil 1 L

Part Code: 655167

Filling Valve 200 Bar (black hand wheel)

Part Code: 605261

Filling Valve 300 Bar (black hand wheel)

Part Code: 605253

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 1 M

Part Code: 606168

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 3 M

Part Code: 654657

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 25 M

Part Code: 791619

Bauer Compressor 50 M Filling Hose

Part Code: 758847

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