109 person


Using one Marin Ark liferaft together with a slide, the Marin Ark 109 MES can be launched, inflated and bowsed in 145 seconds with a capacity to evacuate 109 passengers in 15 minutes. The Marin Ark 109 uses the same fully reversible liferafts as the 430 system, putting it in a class of its own as a safety solution for smaller passenger vessels. The versatility of the liferaft design allows for deployment without a slide for very low embarkation heights, or together with two alternative slide configurations for freeboard heights up to 7 metres.


  • Liferafts are fully reversible, ensuring the system inflates upright each and every time
  • Multiple slide configurations available to suit lower freeboard heights
  • Designed for open deck and between deck evacuations
  • Suited to vessels with freeboard of up to 7 metres

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