860, 840, 790, 682, 632, 474, 316, 158 persons 

The Marin Ark 2 is one of the largest dry-shod MES in the world. The completely unique design offers carriage for 158 passengers and can be scaled up to accommodate up to 860 passengers if required. Features simple crew actions and robust fully reversible liferaft, with multiple buoyancy compartments providing the utmost stability and safety in the toughest sea conditions. The innovative helical slide path integrates the benefits of a fully enclosed evacuation chute with the natural descent of a spiral slide - crew members can even ascend to assist other passengers if required. One of the most dynamic design features of this system is the integration of a service winch into the stowage unit. This allows the entire unit to be deposited onto a tug or truck during service periods thus in most cases eliminating the requirement for a crane during service.


  • Designed with minimum crew actions to reduce the human element and improve reliability. All primary liferafts inflate & both helical slide path launch together in a single action
  • Dual spiral slide path to the Marin Ark 2 allows for safe, rapid and controlled dry-shod descent for all evacuees
  • Unique slide path design allows for crew ascent where necessary
  • Fully reversible 158 person liferaft design with suspended floor ensures maximum thermal protection
  • Revolutionary bowsing system and evacuation slide path designed to meet the challenges of modern wide beam vessels
  • Flexible design allows for installation on the widest range of vessel configurations



Survitec was the first business to conceive and design Marine Evacuation Systems, the first being designed in 1979.

Survitec MES solutions cater for all marine market requirements including: Cruise, Ferry, High Speed Craft, Defence, Cargo, Offshore.

Varied solutions to meet different market preferences, Mini-Slide, Inclined Slide, Helical Chute & Zig-Zag Chute.


Fully tested to MSC 81(70) Heavy Sea conditions. Available in a variety of Flag & Class Approvals.


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