SafeLaunch Roc-Loc 12.3T Lifeboat Release Hook

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In the past decade, an increasing number of serious accidents and fatalities with lifeboats has led to new requirements for vessels which carry lifeboats to ensure the safety of crew, passengers and the actual vessel. An onload lifeboat hook can release the lifeboat from the fall wires with the lifeboat above the water level and crew members inside. In response to the IMO MSC.1392 regulation requirements, Survitec designed and manufactured a hook with all the required approvals and documentation.

The Safelaunch 12.3 TN Roc-Loc is a hook designed for davit-launched lifeboats and rescue boats. The Roc-Loc technology is specifically designed for the cruise and shipping industries. The award-winning IMO-compliant Safelaunch and Roc-Loc systems feature visual indicators and integrated fall prevention device (FDP). This hook has been designed and manufactured to be easily retrofitted to any lifeboat or rescue boat.

Our global installation teams will train your crew on correct operation and maintenance and refresher training during the annual maintenance inspection can be completed. Our global installation teams can re-hook your lifeboats during dry dock or at a key port. We can assess your fleet lifeboat hook compliance and offer a cost effective replacement hook package.


  • Safelaunch Roc-Loc is an offload / onload lifeboat release and retrieval system  designed and manufactured by Survitec UK specifically for the cruise industry
  • The Roc-Loc is IMO, SOLAS and LSA compliant
  • Incorporated externally visible colour coded safety position indicator to assist in determining the status of the hook reset and locking, adding to its safety
  • Designed and manufactured to withstand all climates and conditions
  • Survitec acquired Madrock Marine in 2010 and are the only approved supplier for original equipment manufacturer spare parts

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