SAR Raft

The RFD Search and Rescue (SAR) Raft provides essential aid to people in distress or in imminent danger at sea. As a vital component of air-sea search and rescue services, Survitec's RFD SAR Raft is universally adoptable, available on virtually any rotary or fixed-wing aircraft. The system is developed to optimise search and rescue air-drop operations, integrating the raft/aircraft interface into the entire design phase with no need for costly airframes or modification.

Users can select from two types of market-leading RFD liferaft - the unique Heliraft, the industry’s number one choice of helicopter-specific liferaft, and the popular Aerolite, an ultra-light series of fixed-canopy liferafts. This presents a wide choice of capabilities for numerous SAR requirements, including military, coastguard, offshore oil industry, commercial aviation and civilian emergency situations.

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