Survitec has pioneered submarine escape technology, introducing full garment protection as alternatives to Davis Equipment and the Steinke Hood as far back as 1952. Innovative, design-based and fully validated improvements saw the introduction of MK10 in 1990 - the world's first integrated Submarine Escape Suit and Liferaft combination. The MK11 continues this unrivalled tradition of innovation. MK11 is a full body garment designed for pressurised tower escape with a fully integrated single-seat liferaft. 

The MK11 is able to provide complete peace of mind and security, using 30% less air than earlier designs. The only fully integrated system on the market today, proven to reduce the likelihood of end-user COâ‚‚ saturation typically found in more segmented products. Our companies' ongoing participation in the HABETaS® partnership and in the Integrated Submarine Escape Capability project makes Survitec Group uniquely capable as a manufacturer of hood inflation systems to ensure design and functionality optimisation. The results are future cost-efficiencies at zero cost to clients.  Also equipped with a single-seat liferaft, the new larger enhanced integrated liferaft is a significant breakthrough which doesn’t impact on the strict control parameters imposed on submarine storage while maximising survivor space.

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