Zoll AED 3

When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, a victim’s best chance for survival is immediate CPR and a rescuer with an automated external defibrillator (AED). The ZOLL AED 3® defibrillator leads the way with Real CPR Help® technology that provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR.

With its RapidShock Analysis™ enables the industry’s shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous life-saving CPR. It’s small compact size makes it the ideal solution for any vessel or application size.

  • Available in fully and semi-automatic versions
  • Dynamic rescue images and full colour display
  • Universal pad design, offering a solution to treat both adult and pediatric victims of sca using the same set of electro pads
  • Wifi connectivity allowing for easy management of the users device via the cloud
  • Real cpr help with voice and text prompts, and rate and depth feedback
  • 8 second pre-shock pause
  • Touch screen configuration
  • Simple child mode activation
  • 5-year smart battery stand-by life

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