Spray/Jet Nozzle 16mm HS-16 347 x 98mm

Product Sku: 708289

The dual purpose Spray and Jet nozzles are designed specifically for marine use. These nozzles provide the ability to quickly interchange between water throw and jet function giving more fighting capability" A high impact resistant NBR rubber operation head and POM tube body makes our product completely resistant to sea water corrosion giving a maintenance and trouble free nozzle.


  • Low pressure loss
  • Light weight
  • High impact strength


  • Our nozzles are designed with absolute smooth inner surfaces minimizing the water pressure loss and enhancing the cooling effect
  • Light weight enables you to carry them with ease on board your vessel when fighting fires
  • Use of tough materials makes our nozzle resistant to impact and rough use giving you a maintenance free long life nozzle


  Jet mode at 2 bar      Jet mode at 6 bar      Jet mode at 8 bar     
Flow rate 170 L/min 330 L/min 410 L/min
Throw length 18 m 30 m 34 m


  Spray mode at 2 bar* Spray mode at 6 bar* Spray mode at 8 bar*
Flow rate 275 L/min 470 L/min 620 L/min
Throw length 4.5 m 4.5 m 16 m

* at 120 Degrees
The nozzle inlet side connection is BSP 2inch

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